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Chia sẻ của các bạn học viên lớp IELTS Grad 4

Chia sẻ

“After taking the IELTS Graduation at SaiGon Centrerpoint, I have learnt a lot of new things, enriched my knowledge, improved all of my 4 skills significantly. Our teachers are very nice and enthusiastic. They gave us many useful advices for the test. Before taking the course, I didn’t know much about the IELTS test, but now, everything has changed. Furthermore, I think the book provided me a lot of new vocabulary, tips and strategies fot the test. I think I would attend another course at SaiGon Centerpoint.”

Vu Linh Giang

“About the course? I like it very much. Well, first of all, the receptionists are friendly and helpful. Besides, the classrooms are well-equipped. Those are things that I can see and fell when I enrolled in an IELTS class. During the course, I was taught and instructed by teachers who are both experienced and kind. I’ve learned a lot, from specific skills to do the test to lots of new knowledge not only in English but also in real life. I appreciate all of this!!!

Nguyen Thao Uyen

“The course was really helpful. It provided useful skills and tips for the IELTS test. I found the classes very interesting and the teachers friendly. The teachers helped me improve my English skills with their teaching methods. I particularly enjoyed Ms. Vu Thi Minh Nguyet’s Reading class.

In addition, the Centre’s staffs are supportive as well. Their tireless help really made the course comfortable and enjoyable for me. The materials are suitable.”

Le Tran Minh Anh

Các bạn học viên lớp IELTS Grad 4


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